Quaker Stucco

Quaker Stucco

Economical, crack-resistant plaster and finish coat

Quaker Stucco is manufactured by IPA Systems. IPA Systems has been manufacturing quality, pre-packaged stucco and concrete repair/restoration products since 1931.

The Quaker Stucco Advantage:

  • Traditional, all natural, green building material;
  • Breathable, durable, low maintenance, energy efficient finish;
  • Strict manufacturing quality control insuring controlled color uniformity;
  • A cementitious product
  • Wide variety of colors; and
  • Large range of available textures depending on preference.

Quaker Stucco is a natural cementitious finish made up of white Portland cement, lime, aggregate, and pigment. It is packaged in 65 pound bags with a coverage of approximately 60 square feet. Visit the Quaker Stucco website or view thier informational brochure.

Before choosing a stucco product, we recommend visiting our showroom (map) in Ambler, Montgomery County, PA (just outside Bucks County) to see display samples. No appointment is necessary.